You're a junior talent and the World must know it!🏆

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At Unono, we received hundreds of candidates per day, and they are ready to take the next step of their career. It's a giant mountain of CVs, which we analyze carefully in order to find the best talent hidden in the pile. However, the truth is: there is an essential point that leads us to the ideal candidates.

If you are reading this, you probably know what we meant: the candidates who want to stand out from the crowd record video-CVs. After all, if you are a junior talent the World must get to know you!
Our experience ensures that: candidates who presented themselves using video-CVs stood out from the rest. How much? Well, your chances could be up to 60% higher. It's huge!

video cv

Moreover, our partners know the power of this idea. Companies like Amazon and Zurich rely on video-CVs to select their new starts. So, what are you waiting for?

How can I shine on my video-CV?🤘

Create a video-CV may look a scary challenge, something for creative people, or for the big ones of Hollywood. However, in reality, all you need to do is prepare a camera (look at your pocket, it may be there) and be yourself.

In a place with enough light (e.g. it can be at your university, park, room, whatever), start by talking about your personal background. Relax, there's no need for such a formality. Also, do not worry about writing a script. Just mentalize the main points you'd like to approach and let the spontaneity take care of the rest. Ah! Make sure your voice is audible.
Apart from your name, age and birthplace, tell us about your area of studies or about the sector you'd like to find a job. The video-CV by itself helps you stand out, but we also want to know the characteristics that made you a rock star. Tell us about your soft-skills and topics that differentiate you from the rest. You have about 2 minutes to impress.

Try to avoid clichés. Nowadays we already know that you work well in groups, or that you master Microsoft Office. Are you a ninja of finances, and doing so you helped in a real case? Did you develop an app that solved someone's problem? Are you a good surfer and use that to teach others in your free time? That's what matter, attitude.

Don't forget. The most important is to be yourself. Be confident, the companies we work with will like you!