Who Does Madrid's Best Burger?

Which burger is really king?

As we daily wander down the glorious streets of Madrid, we are often hit by the bigger questions in life. For example, as we marvel at the architecture in Gran Via, we cannot help but wonder how on earth people could build such wonderful structures all those years ago. Sometimes, as we interact with the kind gente that roam its streets, and the weird and wacky shops, and the quirky cafes that constitute the heart of Madrid, we often find ourselves reflecting on human nature as well of the philosophy of España as a whole.

However, it is a rarity that we are struck by such a philosophical conundrum that is such a puzzling perplexity that we find our being to be forever altered. Yet this has happened to me and a group of friends. We were then left stunned by an unquestioned question so profound, so crucial to our existence, of such outstanding importance to life as we know it, that we knew we would not be able to function fully once again until we had answered it. What was this existential question that irrevocably altered our ways of being in the world?

Who actually does do Madrid's best burger?

Like I said, we knew we could no longer live our everyday lives, not whilst knowing that is question still remained unanswered. We knew we had to investigate. And this is what our crack team of experts (aka hungry students living and loving in Madrid) discovered after our thorough investigations:

1. The Basque.

The Basque is a quaint little restaurant, nestled in a quiet street in Malasaña, just off Tribunal. Don't let its adorable size fool you however - its portions, as well as its heart, are certainly grande and do not leave you wanting more. Moreover, it is truly excellent food, with succulent meat cooked to how you like, and other great food options for your non-burger loving fans out there. Vegetarians and pescatarians should not, however desist from trying these North American delicacies, as The Basque have been kind enough to include some non-meat burgers to satisfy your burger cravings. In particular, the tuna steak burger is absolutely divine.

With exceptionally good service and incredibly generous and friendly staff, this is certainly an great place for an meal out with friends or a loved one, particularly as its quirky style will make your evening there as unique an memorable as the fine Basque country of its namesake.

Burger Rating: 8.5/10

Price: 9-12€

Address: Calle Colon 3, 28004 Madrid, España

2. Steak Burger.

Steak Burger is an almighty chain with several branches across Madrid and Spain, with grub fit for the greatest gods. Although they have a wide range of other deliciouscomida to chose from, they are particularly famous for their burgers , due to their grand size, awesome quality, and exquisite taste. Although Steak Burger is a tourist favourite, it unfortunately does not quite make top marks as it seems depending on the branch you visit, or the time of day, the quality of these hearty dishes can vary slightly. However, as a whole, Steak Burger restaurants offer you a fine atmosphere, stunning décor, and enough food to make you fear that you may get mistaken for the creature on their iconic logo as you won't be able to stop gorging yourself on its unhealthy but godly goodness.

Burger Rating: 8/10

Price: 8.90€


Fuencarral, 73, 28004, Madrid,

Calle Doctor Mata 1, 28012, MadriD

3. Mad Café

If you're truly mad about burgers, then you would be diabolically crazy not to visit Mad Café. It is known for its originality and epic selection of burgers, with its goat cheese and its guacamole concoctions in particular being outstanding. Although those burgers are particularly renowned, it is fair to say that all their burgers are pretty damn great as the flavours that each one offers you, due to its gloriously tender meat and gorgeously baked buns, are truly the stuff of legends. Despite the décor being reminiscent to some as a "hipster's paradise" and the lack of variation in both the music selection and in the menu (offering little besides burgers), if you are just looking for some meaty, burgery goodness, Mad Café is certainly a contender for the top prize in Madrid.

Burger Rating: 9/10

Price: 8.90-13.90€

Address: Calle Cava Alta, 13, 28005 Madrid.


The only thing more stunning than the hauntingly beautiful and abstract décor of this establishment, to be found right in the heart of Malasaña, is Naif's gorgeous food. Famous for its burgers and sandwiches, this restaurant has mastered the art of creating bread embraced pieces of heaven. Although there are the occasional instances where the burgers are slightly overdone, on the whole, their burgers are of great quality and too damn delicious to be legal (don't worry, they are, we checked!). An added bonus with this restaurant is that it is incredibly child friendly - perfect for you to have some peace to stuff your face whilst your younger siblings and relatives are distracted by either the lovely staff or their own meal!

Burger Rating: 8.5/10

Price: 8-9€

Address: Calle de San Joaquín, 16, 28004 Madrid,

5. Zombie Bar

Perfecting the black burger bun before it was cool being a case example ,everything about Zombie bar screams hipster haven, from its alternative presentation of its food to its off-beat theme and décor. Yet don't let its anti-conformist nature put you off; its burgers are still lethally delicious for the more mainstream among us, and it's unusual charm cannot help but attract interesting clientele and staff. All the waiters are impeccably friendly and the service is cracking, only beaten by the succulence and juiciness of the burgers themselves. As this establishment is well priced and extremely well-accommodating for your vegan and vegetarian comrades, you can see why many think this is a burger establishment coming back from the dead for!

Burger Rating: 8.5/10

Price: 9.50€-11.70€

Address: Calle del Pez, 7, 28004 Madrid, Spain

6. Alfredo’s Barbacoa

Alfredo's promises to give us the America that we crave; a land filled with best of its oh-so-tasty food, without the local residents (just kidding, my American comrades out there!) Does it deliver? Oh yes! Their burgers are darn tootin' as our stereotypically Texan friends might say, and are just perfect to satisfy your burger cravings. The choices are a bit more standard than some of the other places mentioned above, and some people may be off-put by some aspects of the décor, but for a spectacularly States-esque burger, this certainly is the place to go.

Rating: 7/10

Price: 6.75-17.00€


Calle Conde de Aranda, 4, 28001

Calle de Lagasca, 5, 28001 Madrid

7. New York Burger

Another US inspired restaurant, yet it could not really be much more stylistically different from Alfredo's above. Much like our common conceptions of New York and Texas, New York Burger seems to be a slightly classier and upmarket affair. Yet, at the same time, even its beautiful presentation cannot hide the down-and-out sinful goodness that makes burgers the irresistible treat they are.New York burger not only offers you quality meat cooked to your liking but allows you to pick your size and your choices in garnishing, meaning that, although their burgers are more of a classical affair, you can truly make them your own. Its eponymous city may never sleep, but with its cracking food and awesome portion sizes, you will not help but fall into a food coma after eating one of these bad boys.

Price: 17€

Burger Rating: 8/10

Address: General Yagüe, 5 Madrid 28020

8. Home Burger Bar

They say home is where your heart is, so for any burgeramantes out their who fear they may have misplaced this vital organ of theirs, you will probably find it lurking in this fine establishment. Home Burger Bar offers us not only divinely delicious burgers that make you wish that is what your actually home cooking is like, but they are also proudly organic. All the meat and the bread buns are themselves organic and the proprietors take pride in their care of the plant as all their packaging materials are recyclable. Therefore you don't have to fill guilty as you dig into their infamous Caprichosa burger; you're encouraging the work of people saving the planet! Although their burgers do not quite reach the top marks, this is still a great place for a meal out as, with scrumptious stuff also available for your veggie friends, everyone can really call Home Burger Bar their home.

Burger Rating: 8/10

Price: 11.90€


Calle San Marcos, 26, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Calle Espiritu Santo, 12,28004 Madrid

9. Goiko Grill

his gloriously bad-ass burger chain has multiple chains in Madrid and is certainly a top choice amongst critics, who often rave about its iconic"M30" burger, which, on top of succulent meat, gorgeous goats cheese and caramelised onion are placed, creating an orgasmic combination of flavours and taste. Whilst some people may not rate Goiko grill as much as other places, their burgers are definitely up their for the top prize. They are also incredibly well cooked with the meat being of the highest quality and goodness and encased buns baked to perfection, as well as being stunning to the eye. Goiko Grill is the burger place of dreams, and can truly be the wind beneath your wings.

Rating: 8.75/10

Price: 9.90€-13€


Glorieta de Bilbao, 3, 28004 Madrid

María de Molina, 16, 28006, Madrid So, although it may seem to us that the Mad Café has the burger crown, in reality, all these places are definitely up there in the fight for this glorious honour. But hey, don't just take our word for it - put on those loose jeans and get going! Just one more thing...

¡Buen Provecho!

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