7 Trips You Need To Make Before You're 30.

Journeys that you need to make whilst you're still feeling (round about) 22.

Seeing the world, whilst maybe not being the best thing for your bank balance, is truly something that everyone needs to do. It helps us develop our culturally-obscured minds to be to open to the whole universe, allowing us to understand and love all the odd beings we call man a lot more. We can learn to appreciate and understand our fellow humans and appreciate their differences.

Yet, despite the overwhelmingly positive aspects it brings to our lives and those of others, as we get older, the reception to our travelling news gets a little colder, as people expect us to settle down and play our set roles in our society, rather than explore those of others nations. Therefore, it is important that we get some travelling done before we fall into the trappings of life, so we can learn to actualize the potential people of awesomeness and global comprehension that we know to be within us. Therefore, although thirty is obviously the new twenty, here just so journeys you probably should do whilst you're still relatively near the age of the name an Adele album:

1. Inter-rail around Europe.

An obvious must for travels, as well as being a well hold-onto legacy left by our parents and,for some of us, even our grandparents' generation. There is scarcely anyone without a great "whilst I was inter-railing" story, which does kinda go to show how integral this is to the development and, hell, even life journey (I apologise for that phrase) of any young adult. It is a highly flexible and affordable way to visit so many awesome places within Europe during a short time, with tickets ranging from just €60 to €300 depending on the number of countries and time period (10 days to a month) you choose. Although this cost only covers your travelling to your destinations, rather than including your accommodation, it is easy to find plenty of good value and safe hostels so you needn't fear homeless nor forking out.

So why not let yourself fall in love with the canals of Venice, or enjoy a bit of culturally refined (naturally) boozing in Budapest, or even explore the sights of Scandinavia? You have no reason to say no.

Check out their site for more details:http://www.interrail.eu/.

2. Discover India

It is said that you never can just go once to India; once it has captured your heart, it is hard to ever truly realise it from its shackles. Every part of India is incredibly different, from the roaring raucous of city life in Delhi or Mumbai, to the idyllic tranquillity and beauty of its mountainous villages, such as Dharmsala. Yet each, despite their contrasting natures, still manages to maintain the array of colours and enviable vitality towards life that India the nation it is.

Yes, it is true, you will encounter a lot of poverty and suffering, an overwhelming amount of sights that will forever scar you and break your heart. Yet, at the same time, you will be truly humbled by the exceptional kindness of its residents, who are willing to offer you everything they have, even they haven't got enough themselves, and their pure gratitude towards life: they recognise life as the gift it is, not the right we tend to treat it as.

For some, let's face it, much needed prospective on life as we head into our quarter-life crisis years, India is one destination that needs to make your bucket list.

3. Motorcycle around South America.

An idea inspired from the beloved film Diarios Motocicletas (or The Motorcycle Diaries) about the young Che Guevara's escapades around South America, this is a journey of life-time. South America is an extraordinary continent, hosting a great many different cultures, as well as languages, and with country holding its own history, maintain within its walls and fronteers. From following the glorious and awe-inspiring Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu in Peru, to loving life in the luxiourous Buenos Aires, to exploring la Ciudad Perdida in Colombia, it is safe to say, you could never find yourself anything less that of enamoured here.

As driving any sort of vehicle is not only cost efficient but adds to the flexibility of your travelling, it is an epic way to really make the most of your time here. However, if you don't know how to ride a motocycle, a car is also acceptable (I want no complaints from mothers here!)

4. China

China has a wonderfully unique culture and history compared to the amalgamation of countries that make the Western world, and this is something that truly needs to be appreciated and experienced. We can not only see this in its delicious local delicacies and dishes, but also in its stupendous sites, with its many ancient temples, and ,of course, its Great Wall being must-see capsules of a time long lost.

With its emphasis on colour, beauty, reverence, and respect, the Chinese culture is mesmerising, even if aspects appear incomprehensible to the West. China also has a fascinating yet polemical political history, being known for its horrible human rights abuses and its use of censorship. Yet we spend too long just judging their government and pitying its citizens without actually understanding the feeling and the way of the life of its people themselves: we simply dismiss them as "brainwashed" without actually hearing what they have to say. Therefore, as understanding is the key to a more tolerant and cohesive world, it is truly worth undertaking this journey, to understand it within its context. We don't have to agree to the atrocities; just allow ourselves to recognise that the residents may not necessarily think in the same way we do.

5. Explore Vietnam.

Although the whole of South-East Asia is definitely worth visiting, Vietnam sticks out as a firm favourite, perhaps in to the pop-cultural legacy that has been formed out the travesty of its conflict with America. However, Vietnam is more than just a site to commemorate a war gone by; it is a beauty to beheld and explored, with so many naturally stunning sites to enamour one's heart, with Halong Baybeing such a glory to be witnessed. The only thing lovelier than the wildlife here, as well as its gorgeous beaches, are the local people, known for their great kindness and hospitality. As well as this, the local cuisine is simply divine, as well as being RIDICULOUSLY affordable, and accommodation is hardly going to rob you of your (very minimal) fortune.

For something completely different and a trip that will most likely alter your way of being forever, Vietnam is definitely the place you need to go.

6. Visit Cuba.

Cuba is somewhere you have to go right now. Like literally right now. Stop whatever you are doing and just go. This is as, due to it recently opening its trading borders with America and its more openness to the capitalist culture of the West, Cuba is due to lose a lot of its quirky and unique culture curated within its years of Communist insular insolation. With its revolutionary rhetoric echoing within every brick of its colonial buildings and in the roar of the classic cars that tear up its streets, it is a country that cannot fail to fascinate and enthral. Other than the infamous rum and sultry salsa associated with this nation, Cuba hosts an insubordinate amount of quaint backstreet restaurants and extraordinary art galleries in which your presence is truly required.

If you, however, fell you need a break from the city, why not delve into the countryside and explore its exquisite cloud forests and hike over its mighty mountain ranges.

7. Road trip around Australia.

A road trip just is a right of passage: you have to spend an ungodly amount of time confined in a compact space with your very best buds, who slowly start to drive you crazy as you drive your crazy selves all over some unknown country where you will no doubt get lost. It is kind of a rite of passage, as you know that, whatever doesn't kill you (even if their annoying way of breathing feels like it will at times), will only make you, and your god damn precious friendship stronger. Plus, you couldn't really ask for a better bunch of people to share such sites with.

So, why Australia? One reason is just that, for many of us, it is literally the other side of the world, which just promises to serve as a mind-blowing adjustment. Once you have got over the major time difference however, there is still so much more to see of Australia. For instance, its major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are not only stunning, but they offer you an overwhelming number of opportunities and adventures that you just cannot refuse. Whether you want to dive into the depths of the Great Barrier Reef or explore its cosmopolitan paradises, or simply chill with the chillest of people in the whole world, Australia is the perfect place to remind you of the fact you are 1)still young, and b) that you have a world of opportunity still in front of you. Just mind the spiders...

These are obviously just some ideas; there is a whole world for you to explore, with so many treasures that even mentioned on this list. But there's always your 30s...

Happy travelling, world explorers.