7 Things To Do In Madrid If You Are Secretly Old.

Although we may physically be in the prime of our lives, for some of us, it feels like we are not so much "spring chickens" as chickens more contented with the winter routine of snuggling on our nests of heavenly comfort, away from the troublesome nonsense of the outside world. Sure, we could join our friends in the over-crowded and obnoxiously loud clubs...but wouldn't a night in with a cracking film and a glass of wine/cup of tea be so much nicer than drowning in the seeping sweat of drunken strangers, as we awkwardly adjusting our limbs according to the dogmatic rhythm of a song we've never heard before?

Despite many of your friends trying to convince you that the joys of travelling whilst you're still young enough to avoid the perils of pensions is the partying you can undergo, we know that, really, it is not the be-all and end-all. Luckily, the gorgeous capital that is Madrid is also aware of this; whilst its nightlife remains completely unbeatable, full of all locura the a young person could dream of, Madrid also fails to neglect its slipper-loving, wannabe pensioners, by offering us a montón of things to do. So, if you would rather having a teawithout the par in front here are just some of the things you can do, to ensure you do not miss-out in the magic of this majestic city of godly greatness:

1. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens.

If nothing can quite satisfy you like seeing a bit of divinely beautiful nature, take out your (at least mental) walking stick, and get yourself down to the Real Jardín Botánico of Madrid. It is a haven of flowers, trees, and so much more, full of plenty of benches to rest your aching feet, as well as offering ample opportunities to take that perfect selfie (even if that isn't your thing, unlike those foolish other beings of youth!). If the carefully constructed pond full of absolutely darling ducklings does not help persuade you, instead the depths of these gardens lurks an impressive art gallery, whose exhibition choices cannot help but interest and fascinate all those who behold them. So, if you find yourself cannot wishing to partake in the usual activities of young whipper-snappers, head on down to this delightful floral paradise; I guarantee you will not regret it.

2. As well as the Royal Palace.

Particularly for those of you keen to indulge in some historical nostalgia, and to dream upon a golden age of yore long ago passed, the Palacio Real is a perfect site you to pass a day. Full of so many treasures of this highly respected and adored royal family's past, each room whispers tantalising details of the incredible story that is the history of Spain. Witness the architectural and biographical changes that the residents, past and present, as well as the building itself has undergone and find yourself immersed in a intensely intriguing culture and way of being that will simply never to be your own. This site also offers some cracking views of stunning areas of nature that surround Madrid, perfect for some sunny afternoon day-dreaming.

3. Be sure to check out at least one museum or art gallery.

Whether it's the world renowned Prado art museum, or something a bit more contemporary such as the stunning Reina Sofia gallery of modern art, Madrid is a host of all things bright and cultural that simply cannot be missed. Both of these galleries host a wide variety of awe-inspiring art to utterly mesmerise you as you are transported into a world that transcends your culturally-regulated everyday normality. However, if art really isn't your thing, never fear; there are plenty other museums for you to find yourself shuffling along in. For example, the Museo Arqueológico Nacional is truly fascinating, as you can see the development of man and societies from a time long before even your old soul existed. So let out your inner culture vulture, and explore these excellent cultural terrains of Madrid; I promise they are worth you popping in your dentures.

4. Go see the Peacock Park in Retiro.

To be fair, Retiro is an enchanting paradise in which every part should be explored and adored anyway, regardless of your age or way of being in the world. However, the elegance and sophistication of the Peacock park, an astonishingly accurate representation of its fine, feathered residents themselves, is simply a must-see for those more old-timely souls out there. This secret plaza within the larger park boosts some outstanding architecture, from the gorgeous rose arches to the ivy embraced white column chuppah that stands proudly here. More than that, once you got bored of the glamour of these birds and their surroundings, just by walking a little further into this cordoned off portion of the path, you will find yourself in a duckling holyland, as this young creatures play joyfully in their stunning pond. Definitely a site that should not be missed - your holiday album will thank me later for the sublime snaps you'll inevitably take here.

5. Go to a rather niche café/restaurant to dispel of that hunger.

Madrid offers a great deal of quirky independent cafes and restaurants, ideal to avoid any despair about the loss of individuality in a world where the relatively modern monstrosity that is the "chain" has been allowed to mercilessly slaughter all competition in its path. Such delightfully kooky cafes as La Lolina and La Infinito, with both offering excellent service and sublime food and beverages, are likely to fulfil such a wish. For such a restaurant, El Jardin Secreto comes recommended. Although this is apparently a chain, its only two branches exist in our fair capital, so it still remains truly *una experiencia Madridleña *. Set up on the top floor of the multi-story shop Salvador Bachiller, this a fantastic, as well as gloriously oddball, hideaway from the chaos of the centre. Their food is insanely delicious and beautiful presented, very well suited to the stunning décor of the venue. With a roof that can be opened up in the summer, it is truly a perfect venue for a meaningful conversation (and perhaps a cheeky cocktail or too!) and a wonderful way to pass an evening.

6. Listen to some jazzy Jazz.

If you would never not endure the commercial trash of today but feel the need for some music loving in your life, perhaps a nice bit of jazz may go down perfectly with your whisky/ale. Madrid actually offers a fair few venues that specialise in offering live jazz music, so their should be no fears of you missing out on any funky, funky beats. One venue in particular that comes recommended is El Junco Despite its small size, the pure awesomeness of this place and its performers is overwhelming, with many coming from foreign terrains to bask in its electric atmosphere as a spectator, or to honour us with an astonishing performance. So, get on your best dancing shoes, and treat yourself to a good old fashioned bop or two here - I promise you won't regret it, particularly with its decent price of €6 entry with a free beer (unfortunately not sherry, but never mind...).

7. See the sunset at Templo de Debod.

The mysterious temple that is Templo de Debod is a timeless classic, and a must-see for all those who enter into the enchanting metropolis that is Madrid. With its 2200 years of existence, this Egyptian edifice that comes close to matching the age of your soul, but witness it is its golden hour, that is, as the sun sets of its beloved Spanish capital for the day, and you will feel like a child again. It's mesmerising beauty cannot help instil a youthful joy within you, as the pinky/orange sky embraces the Temple and gently tickles the water that ripples with its colourful laughter. Enshrouded with mystic and an impenetrable aura of magic and wisdom, it also offers you a breath-taking view of the city that cannot help but spellbind you. It is just the perfect way to end your day (before your tea and book in bed, naturally!)

Even if you decide that some of the suggested items are not exactly wizzo, just remember to take one thing from this article: that the gorgeous city we love so much is in fact for everyone. So celebrate your internal ancientness with pride...

Madrid has got you covered.