7 Reasons Erasmus Students Are So Damn Employable.

Despite the fact many of your (incredibly jealous) friends from back home may just believe you're wasting your time chilling in a land of exotic lovelies, Erasmus years are actually a worthy investment of your time. Not only do you gain a lot of insight into yourself, but also many fantastically rare yet vital qualities much sought after by the kind of bad-ass employers you would dream of working for.

For example, Erasmus students are actually 50% less likely to to face long-term unemployment after graduation and the unemployment rate 5 years after graduating is 23% lower, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

So how is it that you are more of an Erasmust-havestudent than an Erasmus student to these prestigious business leaders? Why are you that much more wanted than your home-bound comrades?

These are just some of the reasons why your year of fun and adventure that makes you perfect for any business venture.

1. You Develop Excellent Language and General Communication Skills.

That sexy foreign lingo that you're learning doesn't just make you romantically that much appealing but also in terms of employ-ability. Due to the working world becoming that much more globalized and inter-connected, language skills are a must-have. As according to CBI research, 75% of British firms want an employee with at least a conversational level at second language, this helps indicate how all your shameful stammering and cringe-worthy blunders will all be worth it in the end.

However, not only does your Erasmus year help you to communicate in a foreign tongue, but also helps you in expressing anything in your own. Due to your dealing with people who may not necessarily understand your culturally influenced way of thinking, you are more used to thinking and reflecting on alternative ways to make your meaning truly clear. This is an essential skill in any workplace, as clear communication is the key to good working relationships and doing a mighty fine job at all you do.

2. You gain the ability to integrate with diverse cultures.

You have perhaps learnt the hard way that not everyone on your Erasmus year is going to get your super-sharp wit, but that is truly okay; it's lessons such as these that are going to give you that rocket-turbo boost up that colossal career ladder. Employers are ready to fork out thousands to send their employees to courses to help them develop a fraction of the understanding you have gained through your year abroad. Due to this, you're are that much more tempting to employers as they know that you have this incredibly important skill in this inter-dependent and diverse realm of being that we know as the globalised world.

3. You learn to be truly independent.

By moving to a foreign country without your dear mama or papa to hold your hand is actually more of an impressive feat than you may even realize; a lot of people could not rise to such a challenge like you have, with your glorious phoenix feathers blazing with glory. Working and studying away can be hard enough but with the added contestant of true self-sufficiency in a country where your mother tongue is to be left in the land you've temporarily abandoned just shows that you are the type of self-sufficient and competent person employers want to have. With 64% of employers believing that Erasmus students are more responsible with their approach to working, it is easy to see why; you have already had to deal with so much responsibility on your own, that almost nothing can faze you now.

4. Your thinking becomes more open-minded.

You have embraced the beautiful oddities of all those around you, not only the local lovelies that inhabit your adopted home, but also your Erasmus friends from all over the globe. Not only have you welcomed them into your heart but you have let them also enter your mind as well, widening it from the narrow cultural insight it had before. This open-mindedness is just a brilliant quality to have in any job, as it leads to some crazy, zany, and often darn right amazing ideas that only such exposure to all these different cultures could have led you to have. You've freed yourself from that claustrophobic box but opened yourself to the thoughts of the whole universe.

5. Your confidence increases HUGELY.

You have shown that you can master the ways of a land which is not your own, and now you can pretty much do anything. It took confidence to go, and this can only grow with every challenge and every set-back that you push through. Not only can you feel this ego boost within yourself, but others can see it in you too, with your even wider grin and your authoritative aura that enraptures all around you. This makes you a much needed asset to any team and the kind of candidate that employers think upon when blowing out their birthday candles.

6. You also become better at handling challenges and being flexible.

A much needed skill in every area of life, your Erasmus year certainly offers you plenty of opportunities to fine tune yourself to be able to be a flawless symphony in any occasion. From language barrier kerfuffles, to documentation dramas, you learn to manage yourself, your time, and your temper in a way that is only going to carry you forwards and upward in life - straight into that penthouse office of your desires.

7. You become a rather resourceful problem solver.

Because like it or not, things definitely have or will go slightly wrong during your year. Whether it is a miscommunication with unfortunate consequences or an error in one of the many forms you have had to sign, there will be times when you have to deal with a situation you rather you didn't have to. Yet with every one of these you do, you're making yourself even more of that employable candidate that is thought to be the only murmurings of legends, due to your ability to work out a solution to every pesky problem that comes your way.

So as you can see your Erasmus is more than just a glorified holiday; it is a way to better yourself to be the best version of yourself you possibly can. You face challenges only to be rewarded through character development and ability. And this is why you are sought after by those big-shot bosses out there; because they know when they give you this job, you are going to boss it like nobody else can.

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