30 Lies That Every Erasmus Student In Madrid Tells Themselves.

Necessary mentiras we need to get us through los dias...

1.Yeah let´s go to Kapital, the line will be reasonable this time...

2.My Spanish has definitely improved, I´m basically fluent now...

3.The subjunctive isn´t really that bad...

4 .It´s okay, I am definitely, definitely, definitely on top of my work.

5.From now on, I will go to every one of my 9 am classes.

6.And, I am going to read the whole book in Spanish, not one in my native
tongue, nor just an online summary.

7.I know Madrid so well I don´t need googlemaps anymore.

8.I´ve had enough of Cien Monditos, I think I am going to go somewhere else for lunch.

9.I really feel this is the week that I am going to get started on my tri-weekly run in *Retiro plan.

10.No, I don´t think I will have another cerveza.

11.I think I´ll only eat a reasonable amount at El Tigre tonight...

12.I´ meet them at Pain Quotidien but I won´t have a cake...I´ll just get a coffee.

13.Okay, I am going to go out to see my friends, but only for drinks.

14.It´s fine, I will go out clubbing tonight and study all day tomorrow...

15.Besides, I will definitely leave by one or two at the lastest...

16.Think I am going to pass on Telepizza and *MacDonalds* after clubbing tonight.

17.t´s only a 20 minute walk, maybe I won´t take the metro.

18.I am definitely going to get registered with the Registro de Extranjeros.

19.This semester I am going to make an effort to hang out less with my international friends and mix more with the locals.

20.It´s okay if he speaks to me in English, it doesn´t mean my Spanish is bad, he´s just trying to be helpful...

21.I am going to start budgeting soon.

22.I won´t respond to the night club reps this time saying "Sorry I´m foreign".

23.Nor will I ignore them. I will politely listen to everything they have to say before declining.

24.I won´t just nod and pretend I understand everything my lecturer just said to me.

25.Today I will put up my hand in class and make my great point. I won´t worry that everyone´s going to judge me and my Spanish.

26.I am starting to feel as connected to my Madrid university as to my one at home.

27.I don´t think I am going to ever complain again about how disorganised the uni is here.

28.I am definitely going to start getting more with Spanish culture and listen to other Spanish music but Enrique Iglesias.

29.I am pretty sure I have it together as much as my friends.
This isn´t going to be the best year of my life.