26 Things That Erasmus Exchange Students Never Say.

Because if a student doesn't travel, party, and study-panic, is it really Erasmus?

Although every Erasmus student is as individual and unique as a hipster snowflake, there are many things that do unite us. As fun and travel loving students, set free from the shackles of home-grown country-living, we are joined together by a desire for adventure, being an obvious target for language awkwardness, and for perhaps not having it all as sussed as we thought (an essential aspect of standard student life).

Therefore, with these similarities being what cause us to all conjoin under the beautiful umbrella of "Erasmus students", it is incredibly likely that we will have similar thoughts and express sentiments that resemble those of our fellow foreign-studying friends. These are however some of the, shall we say, non-thoughts that will never be uttered by the glorious beings that are Erasmus exchange students:

  1. "I probably shouldn't go out tonight guys, I have a 9am tomorrow".
  2. "Go travelling this weekend? Nah guys, to be honest, 3. "I'd rather just stay here."
  3. "Oh, it's already midnight, I guess it's too late to go out now".
  4. "I think I have actually been really sensible with my money, I am not broke at all".
  5. "I never have any problems understanding my classes at all."
  6. "It is most likely because I have assisted every one."
  7. "Well, except one where I was ill but immediately asked for the notes of another student so I could catch up.". "I feel really prepared for all my exams. I have worked really hard this year so it should pay off".
  8. "You know, I haven't even thought to check if we have to pay back our Erasmus grant if we fail the year. That's how confident I am in my abilities".
  9. "Oh, I never mention that I am an Erasmus student to my lecturers or write it on my exams papers. I feel I should be marked equally against other students".
  10. "I never use my foreignness as an excuse not to talk to people I don't want to."
  11. "I am definitely as fluent in my new language as I thought I would be by now".
  12. "I mean, I never just nod and awkwardly agree, just hoping there won't be anymore follow-up questions. That would just be embarrassing..."
  13. "No, please, continue awkwardly stereotyping my home country. I love it when people do that".
  14. "I am going to give you the exact location of where I live, not just the nearest big city, as I am so sure you'll know it".
  15. "Ah man, I am so jealous of my friends back home, studying for their final year exams. Wish I was there."
  16. "Obviously I filled out my Learning Agreement straight away, without receiving any frantic emails from my university back home".
  17. "I also had no problems with the official documents or anything here". "I am definitely hanging out less with my international friends and mix more with the locals."
  18. "I only ever speak the local language now. I refuse to even talk in English".
  19. "No one ever even thinks I am a foreigner anymore".
  20. "Probably because I stuck with all my ESN tandem sessions; I didn't just stop going after the first week".
  21. " I am pretty sure I have actually lost weight during my time here..." "Nope, I've never even considered relocating here when I am older".
  22. "Why would I want to get food from MacDonald's or Starbucks when I can just do that at home?"
  23. "No, I never miss my parents or my friends from home and wish they could sort out my life for me".
  24. "This year's been alright, probably would have been just as good if I stayed in my own country". 
  25. "I don't think I will bother stay in contact with anyone I've met this year. They're not worth the effort, considering the fact they live in different and more exciting countries from me and all..."
  26. "I can't wait to go home".