15 Reasons Why Your Erasmus Friends Will Be Your Friends For Life.

Why you'll always be an "us" even without the "Erasm" in front.

1. They met you when you were the cool, confident adult you are now, rather than the nerdy kid you were before.

2. At the same time, they've spent enough time with you to see those odd "former self" relapses and have learned to love you for you.

3. And, yes, they have seen through your "it's normal where I am from" excuse, and have accepted your odd quirks as part of you as an individual, more than just a representative of your country. They honestly love you for exactly who you are (god knows why!)

4. They put up with you during your many, many, many language fails - if that is not a sign of true friendship, I don't know what is.

5. You have shared so many exciting adventures with them that you're going to need to stay in contact with them to make sure the memories stay truly alive for years to come.

6. They most likely live in a different part of the world to you - free accommodation for holidays for life you say?

7. As well as the good times, they've been there for you when things have been a bit tougher too, and know they will be again.

8. Even if at times communication isn't perfect, this goes to show that you have created a bond stronger than grammar and words; it's deeper than the superficial surface of language, instead lying in the profound depths of personhood.

9. At the same time, the language miscommunications have been so hilarious at times that you can't really risk them leaving your life!

10. They are, no doubt, a great source of top-notch conversation, that you won't be able to necessarily find in your friends back home; the culture and language differences give rise to a great many fascinating discussions you just can't have with people with your background.

11. They'll always be there to help you brush up on your second language skills that you spent so damn long trying to acquire.

12. And to teach you awesome dance moves and introduce you to bad-ass music that you can bring back home.

13. Plus, they have definitely been a vital style inspiration to you that you could not possibly want to miss from your life!

14. They were friends with you when you had no one else in this land far-away from the one of your Ma and Pa; that kind of kindness should never be forgotten.

15. They have proven themselves to be worthy adventure companions; therefore they'll be perfect for all the ones still to come in your future.